Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Inutak is a Pateros yummy rice cake that's soft, creamy and usually eaten when still warm. It is topped with ice cream like apple pie ala mode.
There are a handful of Inutak recipes available online. But it all boils down to this:

Sugar (about 1 kilo)
Coconut milk (extract from 5 coconuts/niyog)
Galapong (mixed of 3 cups of rice and 2 cups of malagkit rice)
Vanilla (about ½ tsp)

Mix together sugar, ½ of coconut milk with water, galapong and vanilla. Set aside the other ½ pure coconut milk for the topping
Put in a thick pan, medium fire. Continue stirring until cooked
Prepare lanera, brush with a bit of cooking oil
Put cooked galapong in the lanera. Press flat down.
Top with the other ½ of PURE COCONUT milk (don’t add water)
Bake until toppings are golden brown

The ice cream  usually paired with it is the sorbetes contained in an aluminum cylinder and then put inside a somewhat tall wooden bucket where ice and, I think salt, is used to keep the ice cream cold.

This was a childhood treat and we used to order it for special occasions like christenings, fiestas, reunions and other gatherings. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Balutropolis has its own crimefighters, but the most prominent and highly visible was the BalutroPolice. They were supposedly there 24 hours a day 7 days a week, monitoring the city and keeping a close eye on potential evil-doers...and so we thought.

Lately we heard news that the criminal elements are rumored being protected by certain individuals within their ranks.Corruption has penetrated from way down below into the levels of the barangays up to the highest authority, the city Mayor.

No wonder there still exists rampant crimes. But since its the smallest city among the huge cities that surrounds its vicinity, these crimes never made it into mainstream media. It was such a small city that no news channel ever stationed a news patrol to cover any commotion happening within the four corners of the city.

Except of course for fires, and flash floods, and the eventual donation-giving sprees, majority of the events that unfold in Balutropolis never reaches the knowledge of the masses.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Crack, Suck and (Pluck That Duck Out and) Eat It!

I dare you to say it, then eat it too. 


Pronounced as bah-loot.

This is how you say it: Put your lips gently pressed together at the beginning;your tongue flicking quickly up towards your palate, your lips moving as one in the shape of a narrow ooo, and ends with your tongue teasingly poking behind your teeth.

While many squeamishly shy away from eating this traditional Pinoy dish, most beer drinkers all over the Philippine republic love to devour this much-maligned Filipino delicacy as one of their "pulutan".

Get ready to crack, suck, pluck that duck out and eat a balut!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Welcome to Balutropolis

Balutropolis is a dark and gloomy city located in an alternate universe. This alternate universe has two moons with oblate spheroid shapes similar to the symmetry of eggs. The hours of the night are longer in this universe but the tediously protracted darkened hours is not a hindrance to the undertakings and other noteworthy adventures of the citizens of Balutropolis.

The stories here centers on everything about the shady characters of Balutropolis known as the "Baluts" and the other dastardly citizens like the "Penoys", the "Abnoys", and the "Maalats"or otherwise known as the "Pulang Itlogs",along with their different ideals and point of views.

Sometimes the stories would extend not only beyond their neighborhood but at almost every corner of their planet called Terranovoid. Same as ours, their planet is also the third planet from their Sun, and the densest and fifth largest of the eight planets in their Solar System. It is the largest of their Solar System's four terrestrial planets. It is also sometimes referred to as the ovoid planet, being the only planet with an ovoid or ellipsoid shape having an equally ovoid pair of moons, or the Rusty Planet because of the shades of red-brown-orange prominent in its rust-colored terrains.

In our own universe, a Balut is a few-days old duck egg, boiled and eaten with salt or vinegar to taste, popularly known as an aphrodisiac and considered as a high-protein, hearty Asian street food. A Penoy is the milder version of the Balut - no feet, beak and feathered chick inside, while the Abnoy is the rather fatal version of the exotic delicacy with an undeniable gamey taste (stronger, tangy and earthy flavor) widely cooked as "bibingkang abnoy" (similar to how you prepare an omelette) to make it more acceptably edible, and Pulang Itlog (aka Itlog na Maalat or Salted Egg), is the salty duck egg variant you can have by soaking the duck eggs in saturated brine and then painting their shells with red dye just to distinguish them among the other duck egg culinary experience.

In their universe, they are the living and breathing entities known as the "Itlogs" or "Egglings".

These posts could represent the different types of Balut-related articles, blog posts,images, facts, people, and imaginative stories poking fun, satire or humor - or worst, the subconscious realities.

Each adventure exploits encounters that could be categorically branded as simply mundane, weirdly twisted or insanely extraordinary.

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